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Fight for Freedom

(co-authored with Stan Mack)

As the Civil War rages near the Virginia plantation of Twin Oaks, a young slave named Sam makes a fateful decision that will change the course of many lives. Meanwhile, Sam’s friend Annabelle, the plantation owner’s daughter, finds a surprising new role for herself after her father dies in battle.

Road to Revolution!

(co-authored with Stan Mack)

Nick, an orphan and pickpocket, and Penny, a tavernkeeper’s daughter, meet in 1775 Boston—and overcome their initial dislike for each other to begin working together in secret on behalf of the Patriots. Alongside Paul Revere, Joseph Warren, and George Washington, Nick and Penny are at the heart of the action leading to the Revolutionary War.

A sampling of my eclectic freelance work...

"The Flavors of Bon Appétit" (1.06 MB)

I wrote the introductions to these annual Bon Appétit cookbooks for five years in a row.

"This Magic Moment" (3.5 MB)

My daughter and I co-authored this travel story about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida.

"Conversations" magazine (2.53 MB)

For client LPK, an international design and branding firm, I created the editorial line-up and wrote all content for a quarterly online magazine for 350,000 employees of Kroger supermarkets nationwide, designed to introduce store-brand products.